Moving Checklist


The only moving checklist you’ll need

Moving can be one of the most stressful and dreaded experiences people can face. Here at Charm Removals, we know just how much there is to do and so to help minimise your stress, we’ve created a thorough moving checklist that we’ve developed over our many years of experience. 


Whether it’s your first time moving, or your tenth, we’ve got a comprehensive moving checklist that will cover everything and anything, and will leave you feeling peaceful and confident that you can tackle this move like a charm. 


We’ll be covering everything that needs to be done from two months before, right up to – and on – moving day. We’ll even provide you with individual tips for moving house to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and mistakes that can cost you precious time and money.

Two months to Moving Day

Your moving day may be a while away, but there’s a lot to get started on. Even with two months left, there may be aspects that you haven’t even thought about so now is the best time to get a jumpstart on it.


  • Begin making an itemised, written budget to keep a record of all your moving expenses.
  • Put all of your moving documents (e.g. quotes, receipts etc) into a centralised folder.
  • Arrange secure storage facilities if required (Charm has secure storage options available).
  • If any of your vehicles (e.g. car, boat, trailer) need relocating, organise this now.
  • To notify senders of your change of address, start keeping track of incoming mail.
  • Begin noting down which belongings you want to keep, donate, sell or throw away.
  • Ensure that you have a plan to finish any open packets in your pantry and start using up frozen food items (creating a meal plan is a great way to ensure this happens).
  • If moving to a new area or different city, explore schooling options and enrol your children.

One month to Moving Day

With one month to go, the stress will start to creep in. But no worries, we’ve got you covered with your one-month checklist below!

  • Engage with your removalist company to finalise and ‘lock-in’ your moving date (and settlement times if relevant) – if you’re in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area, Charm Removals can help you.
  • Request time off-work for moving day, and if needed, perhaps the day prior.
  • It’s a good idea to start packing because this is the most time-consuming part of your move and will take longer than you think or expect. 
  • For all important contacts, including your bank, employer, electoral commission, tax office etc, make sure to change your address.
  • Make sure to collect all keys to your current home, including any spares held by family members or friends.
  • Advise your removalist of any fragile or special items in case they will need special protective packing or crating.

Two weeks to Moving Day

Only two weeks to go and the packing is ramping up to a peak. It’s starting to get hectic in your house, but if you follow all these handy tips and tricks, you’ll be feeling more organised and confident in no time.


  • Ensure that you have notified all utility services (e.g. gas, phone, electricity) and have organised for disconnection/reconnection.
  • Disassemble outdoor items (e.g. swing sets, cubby houses, trampolines).
  • In your new home, write down measurements and create a floor plan to ensure furniture fits, and to assist your removalist when unloading your items on move day.
  • Confirm removalist payment options and requirements.
  • Check any repairs or alterations to your new/old home will be finished by moving day so as to avoid any potential delays.

One week to Moving Day

You’ve only got one week left in your old home, so now’s the time to get everything moving and sorted so that your moving day can go as smoothly as possible. 


  • Collect the keys to your new home from your agent or solicitor.
  • Arrange for a locksmith to change the locks at your new home on moving day.
  • Ensure that there is convenient parking and unobstructed access for the removalist van at both your old and new homes to make your moving day smoother.
  • Create a box that is clearly marked to pack important small items in (e.g. remotes, keys, phone charger) as this will be the last box sealed and the first to be opened.
  • Pack bedding and towels to be used in your new home on moving day and label clearly so that they don’t get lost in the move.
  • Take photos of all cords and connections before dismantling any computer equipment and other electronics. This will help you reconnect quickly at the new house and not forget which cable goes where.
  • Make sure to use up the last of the food in your fridge, freezer and pantry.

The day before Moving Day

It’s the day before and if you’ve followed our checklist, you’ll be completely organised and on top of it all. For all those last minute jobs, it’s now time to tick them off the list to leave you time and peace of mind to enjoy the last night in your old home.


  • For all essential items that you need on moving day (e.g. jewellery, identification, important documents), gather them together and place them to the side so that they are not accidentally packed. Take particular care to ensure that the keys to your new home are not packed into a box.
  • Check that anyone requiring payment prior to move day has been paid (e.g. removalist, cleaners).
  • It’s a good idea to put together an ‘Essentials Kit’ with basic needs for moving day (e.g. medications, first aid, coffee, tea, kettle, mugs, snacks, dog leads, pet food). This can ensure the stress levels stay minimised and you can feel organised.
  • It’s important to pack a bag for each family member containing necessities (e.g. change of clothes, sleepwear, toiletries, favourite toys for children).
  • Remember to clean the fridge and defrost your freezer as you don’t want to be doing this on the moving day.
  • Drain any liquid from your washing machine, ice maker, iron, garden hose and sprayers.
  • Confirm your gas, electricity and water meters are scheduled for reading and disconnection.
  • Check that everything is clean and organised at your new home (e.g. kitchen and bathrooms cleaned, vacuumed) so that you can move in straight away.
  • We know that it might be tricky, but try to get a good night’s sleep! Read a good book, drink a nice cup of tea or whatever helps you fall asleep as this will help you feel less frantic on the big day.

Moving Day

It’s moving day! The day has finally arrived and you couldn’t be more excited to get settled into your brand new home. But before you do that, there’s a few things that you’ll need to check off on the big day.

What to do at your old home

  • Make sure that you have checked that the access to your property is adequate, clear and unobstructed for our moving truck, to ensure your removalist has easy access and costly delays don’t occur.
  • Take your removalists around your home, giving clear instructions about each piece of furniture.
  • Verify your destination address and contact phone number before the removalists leave.
  • For all of your valuables, such as jewellery and identification, ensure that you are carrying that yourself.
  • The house keys to your old place should be dropped into your solicitor or returned to the rental estate agent.

What to do at your new home

  • Make sure the previous occupants haven’t left anything behind and if they have, place any items in one spot.
  • Ensure that all of your utilities are connected.
  • Take your removalists around the house, explaining to them exactly which room you want your furniture to be in and where in that space they should be placed.
  • Check that no poisons or toxic substances have been left behind (e.g. weed killers, insecticides, rat poison).
  • Stand your fridge in its new position for at least 3 hours before switching on to allow the coolant gas to settle.
  • Making and assembling your beds as soon as possible can help significantly.
  • Start unpacking the kitchen, bathroom and other key areas. 
  • When you’re ready, call your removalist to arrange the pick-up of your empty boxes.
  • Finally, go and say “g’day” to your new neighbours and relax in your brand new home, knowing that you’ve followed the checklist to ensure a smooth, successful move.

Whatever your moving or storage needs, Charm Removals is your go-to removalist specialist. Get a quick quote or speak to a Charm Removals moving expert today on 1300 113 552 to help ensure you move like a Charm, on-time, every time.